Running update:

I just ran 3.05 miles in 28:54, for a 9:28.5 pace!

I know it was just a training run, and it was at the gym, not in the heat or on the streets and hills of Portland, but it was still damned fast. I think my speedwork is paying off. I haven’t run that fast, that far, in a while…

I kept a 9:40 pace for the first mile and a half, then bumped it up to 9:21 for the next mile and finished the last .55 miles at some crazy speed. Just kept bumping it up a little bit at a time. I think my final pace for the last .05 mile was near 8:30, which for me felt much like flying.

I concentrated on form and breathing, making sure my breathing was in rhythm with my running. I’ve noticed that I do better when I control my breathing, which may sound obvious to others but screw you, I’m the one out there running.