Let’s see if I’ve got this straight (in the Republican sense):

John Kerry, the decorated and wounded-in-action war veteran, is a traitor. Bush, who pulled strings to get out of serving in the armed forces at home during a war, is the “war president”;

Republicans would deny their own grandmothers a $300 a month Social Security check but refuse to even acknowledge the $9 billion-with-a-“B” that is unaccounted for in Iraq;

We are waging a costly and bloody war, with our sons and daughters being wounded or killed, all so that Iraq can enshrine fundamentalist Islam as their “government” and become a theocracy like Iran;

Republicans who took control of Congress by decrying the “corruption” of Democrats kiting checks are now changing the rules to avoid being investigated for siphoning millions of dollars from lobbyists into their own pockets;

Cindy Sheehan, a grieving mother and ordinary citizen, is denounced by Republican mouthpieces for every little thing she’s ever said that Republicans disagree with, but Pat Robertson, a prominent celebrity Christian leader and prominent Republican contributor, recieves embarassed dismissal but is not denounced when he urges the American military to carry out a death threat on a democratically-elected foreign leader;

And our president gets to go bike riding and golfing for 5 weeks, telling the media “I’ve got to get on with my life,” but it’s not a vacation?!

Yes, the White House is denying that Mr. Bush is on vacation

“Up” is no longer operative. “Down” is the new “up”. “Cat” shall be replaced by “dog” and the sky? The sky is orange. Thank you very much.