I know I haven’t posted a running schedule for this week. I’m basically following the same schedule I posted last week, except my long run is going to be 7 miles.

Which means, tonight I was scheduled to do speedwork on the elliptical trainer at the gym. And, I did.

I ran my warmup at a very brisk pace; I set the machine for a 9:32 pace, then around .4 miles, I increased it to 9:22, then pushed it to 9:15… yeah, I just kept pushing the pace faster and faster every .1 mile or so. Had a lot of frustration to wear down. Didn’t work, but, hey. Oh, and I ended up doing 1.25 miles, instead of just 1 mile. Go figure.

Then, on the elliptical trainer, in spite of the left footpad being loose and making a “clunk” noise every so often, I did my normal 30 minutes, with 8 x 0:30 “sprints” and 1:30 of “normal” pace in-between. And I increased the distance I went in my 30 minutes, up from 2.72 miles last week, to 2.8 miles this week, an increase in overall average pace from 10:59 last week, to 10:43 this week. I guess if my pace on the elliptical trainer ever reaches my 5K race pace (best pace 9:27) I’ll know I need a new speed workout.

Finished with 1 mile of fast-but-not-as-fast-as-my-warmup running on the treadmill, and a quarter-mile of walking to cooldown from my cooldown. Yay.

Side note: warming up, I was directly behind this very cute girl with an amazing dragonfly tattoo on her back, between her shoulder blades. Kept telling myself I should at least compliment her on it. But the timing of my workout and hers never gave me the opportunity to catch her when we both weren’t in the middle of a workout. Oh, well.