After my seven miles yesterday, I woke up this morning with a sore left ankle and my normally-sore right heel. Probably not good. Tried my stretches, walked up to the Skybox to get breakfast, both were still sore. Probably should have iced them both but didn’t.

The plan called for hills today, as part of my speedwork. Finished breakfast around 10 AM, figured I’d go home and clean up the house a bit, then head out for a run around noon, come back and find a large delicious lunch close by.

I got caught up in the cleaning, though; took my bottles back to the store for the deposit, bundled up my newspaper for recycling, vacuumed, did the dishes that were stacked up in the sink, laundry, rolled up my loose change. The whole shebang. Even gave Smacky his flea treatment.

So there it was, nearly 3 PM, and I hadn’t had any lunch and still hadn’t run. I was getting hungry. Breakfast was big but not that big, to tide me over for 5 hours plus a grueling hill workout.

…but I decided it would have to do. I stuck with my plan. I may come to regret it later but for now it’s behind me. I did make one small concession; I still did eight times up the hill and jogged back down, but I did not aim for 5-10 seconds better each time. I only pushed myself to go a little bit faster each time. As long as the numbers went down, I was OK. And they did almost each time, although I was pretty wiped out by the last time and forgot to time myself.

The best part was coming home and finding this month’s Runner’s World in my mailbox. Perfect timing.

Total miles today: 6.8
Total miles for the week: 26.55

…um, wow. Didn’t realize I’d ran that much this week. Next week I’ll taper off the end of the week and then run the 10K on fresh legs. Yay.