This is rich, oh, yes, this is the best. In terms of Schadenfreude, at any rate.

The first and only time that the US Government has made a plea for donations from private citizens to be used for foreign aid, in order to rebuild Iraq (y’know, after the US destroyed it; remember the “Pottery Barn” rule? You broke it, you bought it?) has netted a grand total of around $600.

President Bush has been spending billions of dollars in his deadly Iraqi adventure, not to mention the billions simply lost and unaccounted for, not to mention the lives thrown away so that Iraq can become an Islamic theocracy, not to mention the political and diplomatic capital the US has lost due to this unilateral war.

And last month, he gave the war supporters a chance to put their money where their mouths were, and they stepped up to the plate and put together enough to purchase a single Mac mini – but no monitor, keyboard or mouse to go with it. Wonderful.

So all you right-wing bloggers out there, trumpeting the supposed support that Americans have for this Iraqi folly, just shut the fuck up. $600? That’s the best you can do?