OK, so I’ve blown the schedule I set for myself earlier this week.

I went to the gym last night to run, but, as has been the case the past couple of weeks, it was crowded. And, to make it even more difficult to find a treadmill, four of the good treadmills were out of commission. Ugh. So, instead of waiting around for one of the two remaining good treadmills, I bagged it and decided I would get up early and run.

Man, oh, man, was that difficult. I set the alarm for 4:30 AM, which did actually wake me up, but I just shut off the alarm and went back to sleep. I faded in and out of sleep for the next 45 minutes until I decided that, yes, indeed, I did need to get up and go to the gym.

And I did. I was stiff and cold and tired and hungry, but I went to the gym. Did I mention cold? (Man, it’s gonna be so freakin’ cold on Sunday when I run in the Red-Nosed RUN Deer) And, since I thought I was supposed to do my scheduled speedwork on Thursday night, and I hadn’t looked at my schedule for what I was supposed to be doing on Friday, I just decided I’d do an easy 3.5 miles.

Turns out that I had scheduled 3.5 miles for Thursday, and my speed workout for Friday. So, I’m not that far off right now. I think I’ll do my intervals on Saturday. The race isn’t going to be that stressful. Y’know, except for the cold. But since I’m running with my nephew, I can just burn him for warmth (just kidding).