It’s late and I’m not really drunk. But I had a conversation tonight with a girl I will probably never see again, and although that’s all bitter-sweet ‘n’ stuff, the message I took away from the conversation is worth it. She was amazing, but afterward I realized that I know a lot of amazing people and I could know more if I just took a chance and talked to them. So thank you, amazing girl, for helping me through the medium of a conversational give-and-take, to see this powerful message that’s been there all along, but forgotten.

The message is simple:

Wake up.

That’s all… wake up. Most of the world is asleep, dreaming or maybe not even dreaming. Wake up, look around. Laugh, motherfucker. Cry, motherfucker. Rage, and shout, and reach, and do. Dreaming is fine but when the dream is done nothing is changed. It all goes back to the way it was when you fell asleep.

Take a chance and do something. Even if your little voice is telling you it might turn out wrong. Just wake up and try.

I could go on and on… but for now I just want that message to sink in, to become the underlying motivation for anything and everything I do.

Wake up.