The weather today was bright and sunny, a little cold but not too bad. When I left work at 4:00 PM I knew I wanted to run outside. Decided to go home and run in my neighborhood rather than along the waterfront.

Since I’m running for time, not distance this week, and tonight called for 30 minutes, I further decided I would run away from home for 15 minutes and then turn around and run back to my starting point. Wore shorts, short sleeves, and my Adidas. Walking to my starting point I felt an odd indentation in my right shoe, near the outside of my foot near the toe. Pulled off my shoe and shifted the insole around a bit and put my shoe back on and didn’t notice it again from there.

I have no idea what my pace was. I would describe it as “moderately easy” – breathing heavy but not too much so. Legs felt really strong. If I had to rate my effort on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being not moving at all and 10 being my hardest run, I would say I ran about a 6.5 – 7.0.

And the best part is: I didn’t stop to walk except right at the turn-around point for about 3 steps.And even crossing the busy streets (Tacoma and Bybee), I didn’t have to stop – traffic seemed to be on my side, too. It felt good to just keep moving. The air was fresh and crisp and cold. Once I was moving I didn’t even notice the chill at all.

An awesome run. I’m looking forward to seeing if cutting the calories helps me improve even more. Although to be honest I’m not sure the calorie-cutting had anything to do with tonight’s performance. Maybe, but it seems too soon to have an effect.