Here at Lunar Obverse, we get letters! Here’s one, from “Wecker”:

As this is your self-entitled “CREATIVE WEEK,” I speak for us all, when I state, “I need to understand a few parameters of this creative week, if you please…”

Would writing about running, using a creative way to describe your activity (such as an anology, etc), be considered creative?

Could it be considered creative if the techie-type posting you decide to write on your blog was written in long-hand (yours, whether in cursive or print), scanned, and then uploaded to the site itself?

Would FRIDAY-NIGHT CAT BLOGGING be considered creative if you made Smacky look like a dog, either using iphoto, or more thoughtfully, dressing the cat up as said dog?

Would writing a rather simple, normal, noncreative blog be creative if every word within your blog was a link to some website that fit in with the word itself (and not that it would need to fit in with your blog-post)?

Lastly, what happens if the blog-post falls short on being creative? Who decides? We’re curious. As you can see……

Well, first, let me thank you for writing in, Wecker. Always a pleasure to hear from the readers!

Rather than answer your questions one at a time, let me just say that, for me, Creative Week means “Not the same-ol’ same-ol’.” I’m aiming for the unusual, the off-the-beaten path, as it were. I just think I’ve fallen into a rut of posting an account of my workouts and the occassional (very occassional) post about politics, but if I look back on my first year, I would have long essays about movies or philosophy or just stories about my life and times, and I even started out posting (unfinished) short stories or poems.

I’d like to recapture that “anything goes” feel and leave my viewers (both of them!) with a feeling of surprise at what they might find here.

Maybe “Creative Week” wasn’t the best name for what I’m after. Maybe I should have called it “Anything Goes” week or “Sense of Surprise” week or “Not the same-ol’, same-ol'” week. I suppose I still can. But, no, I’m not going to second-guess myself at this point. This explanation will have to do.

Again, super to hear from the viewers! Bloggers love attention, after all…