What’s almost as good as having a missed connection of my own?

Watching one happen for two other people right in front of me.

This morning, gray, cold, damp but not raining. Pioneer Place Mall, outside Saks. Small group of 4 men and women, apparently employees, waiting by the employee entrance on the sidewalk.

From across the street, a Latina, mid-30s, black slacks, bosomy, about 5’7″ but wearing heels, comes running in that odd gait women in heels use. Her gray long coat flying behind her. She has keys (apparently the store keys) in her hand. She’s smiling. A store manager?

Walking towards me, a black man, over 6′, thin but athletically graceful, wearing a sharp gray suit and black woolen overcoat, a stocking cap on his shaved or bald head. His mouth open in amazement around his trimmed goatee as he watches the bosomy Latina running. The woman does not see the black man in the suit – her eyes are focused on her staff or co-workers.

The woman reaches the door and starts to unlock it, as the tall man in the suit, still gaping with amazement at the woman, literally plows into one of the other employees, completely oblivious to anything but the bosomy woman.

I walk past, smiling to myself, as the man in the suit and stocking cap apologizes to the Saks employee and the bosomy woman lets the rest of her staff into the store, ignoring the man she has so stunned with her appearance that he’s stumbled into one of her employees.

Was there a connection? I’m betting the man wished there was…