I overslept this morning and missed the Bridge to Bridge 10K. I’ve been wanting to run this race ever since I started running, since the course goes over the upper deck of the Fremont Bridge, which would lead to some awesome views, I think. I’ve done the 5K before but not the 10K.

I was upset with myself this morning.

As punishment I ran up Terwilliger Blvd., from SW 4th and Mill St. (my start line), up through Duniway Park, all the way up to the Chart House Restaurant and back down again. It threatened to rain all afternoon but didn’t during my run. I got to the restaurant in about 32 minutes, and made it back down in about 30. Per Google Earth, that distance is just a hair under 3 miles, so that’s a good pace for as steep as it is!

Billie Joe and the boys were my musical companion.

Next year I’ll do the 10K… next year. Maybe Max will run the 10K with me next year!