New Sexy Thing overheating?

If the info in this thread in the Mac Ach forum at Ars Technica is correct, then I’m going to be mighty tempted to carefully pry open my new sexy thing and gently apply a new layer of thermal grease.

Also, if it’s true, then Apple had better update their technicians on how to properly apply said grease before I ever have to send mine back for any kind of repair, ’cause it’s not something I’m going to want to re-do. If I ever get the courage to actually do it.

Mine runs warmish, and the area right above the F-keys in the middle gets almost too warm to touch, but I rarely put a huge load on it. If I ever do get some games going, or some software compiling or anything heavy-duty, I might see the “too hot to touch” temperatures. And if that broke my new sexy thing I’d cry real tears and my heart would break into thirty-seven pieces.