Lessons learned

I found out that Apple announced a World Wide exchange program for the batteries from the 15″ MacBook Pro.

Hey, I’ve got one of those… although they did already exchange the battery for me when it went in to the repair depot a couple of weeks ago. But when I read it, I decided to double-check the serial numbers to make sure I got one of the newer batteries.

My new sexy thing was plugged in, so I closed the lid, putting it to sleep. Then I flipped it over, and pulled out the battery. I was then going to flip it back over, open up the lid and wake it up from sleep. The webpage with the information on the recall World Wide exchange was still up on the screen.

However, the damned MagSafe power connector was not-so-MagSafe. It caught on the edge of the table and pulled off! If one were to pull it straight out from the power port, it takes a bit of effort to remove it. However, any tug at an angle and the damned thing comes right off, no problem.

(Adam and Jamie ran into the same problem when they tried to use magnets to climb a metal wall, by the way.)

AAACK! No battery + no power = shutdown! I hadn’t saved anything! Stoopid MagNot-So-Safe connector! I plugged it back in, and opened it up and tried to wake it from sleep the normal way (any key on the keyboard). No go. Sure enough, it’s shut down but good.

Wait, though… when I hit the power key to start it up, I got a different kind of progress bar, and no startup chime. Yay! It was waking from “Safe Sleep”! Safe Sleep brings me back to exactly where I was when I slept the computer, including any unsaved documents and open applications.

Primary lesson learned: Safe Sleep trumps MagNot-So-Safe connector.

Secondary lesson learned: Yeah… I already have one of the new batteries.