I headed downtown this morning to do a little Christmas shopping. Hadn’t had breakfast yet, so I stopped in at Starbucks.

Mmm… soy chai. So good. I’m all high-maintenance-y, I order mine without water or foam. No water means it’s got a stronger flavor. No foam means they fill the damn cup all the way up.

And even though it was after 10:00 AM, they still had some of their delicious cinnamon rolls in the case… Cinnamon rolls as big as your head, and filled with five hundred and twenty delicious cinnamon flavored calories.

I couldn’t resist. I bought one. But I had them cut it in half, to help me only eat half.

Tracy asked me, via text, what I was going to do with the other half. I said I was probably going to throw it away, to be rid of the temptation.

She suggested I give it to a bum. Good idea! And so seasonal!

So I headed out onto the streets of downtown, half a cinnamon roll in a box in my hand.

First guy was laying on the sidewalk out in front of the Rite-Aid, with a sign asking for money to go somewhere. He didn’t want it, he said, rubbing his belly, and smiling with only a few teeth in his mouth, saying that he’d eaten a big full dinner the night before and this morning, so he didn’t want it. Um, OK.

Next was a woman, dressed in about fifteen layers of clothing, all of the layers unwashed. She didn’t want it, she said, because “I’ve got heartburn.” All-right-y then.

Next was an unshaven guy whose face looked gray, to match his clothes. He just said, “No, thank you” in a polite but gravelly tone.

So I threw it away. At least I tried, right?