Ideas in limbo

I haven’t been posting lately. That’s not to say that I haven’t had ideas, or even sat down when I have some spare minutes and there are trucks in my tubes bringing me stuff. But it feels like my ideas lately are half-baked and not worthy of putting back on the truck for delivery to the world wide internets of tubes.

F’rinstance, I went into Blogger and took at look at all my saved draft posts. These are the ones I’ve started but haven’t actually published yet. I have 28 – 28 unfinished thoughts, going back to when I first started this blog three years ago.

Not to get all meta on y’all, but for the record, and just because it’ll give me something to talk about, here is a list of those draft posts, in chronological order.

  • 3/11/05 – “More music I want to actually pay for”
  • 3/30/05 – Another post about music.
  • 11/4/05 – I found a picture on Flickr that looks like Bucky from “Get Fuzzy”. Click it and see for yourself – luckily link rot hasn’t taken hold, even after all this time.
  • 12/13/05 – I started a list of things I’d like for Festivus – even though it felt a little greedy or selfish. Apparently I never got over that selfish feeling because obviously I never actually posted the list.
  • 12/19/05 – A list of the movies I’d seen in 2005 (there were 35 total and several that I saw more than once)
  • 12/22/05 – I started a post about a profile I saw on Salon Personals that gave me a clue about a new book by a favorite author – Arthur Nersesian.
  • 3/24/06 – An alphabetical memetag game that I got from Tracy – and never posted.
  • 4/9/06 – A post about installing Windows on my new sexy thing.
  • 4/9/06 – Two separate political posts – one a review of seeing A-list bloggers Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga and Jerome Armstrong discussing their book at Powell’s City of Books, and an announcement about my starting a local political blog (which has come and gone, I’m afraid).
  • 4/29/06 – Discussing how many of Jim Emerson’s 102 movies everyone must see, that I’ve seen (it’s 38).
  • 6/3/06 – Annotating a Harvey Danger song, “Diminishing Returns”.
  • 8/1/06 – The second in my “Philosophy of Life” series.
  • 8/18/06 – A post about the roles I prefer (and don’t prefer) to play in life.
  • 9/1/06 – A post describing book scouting as a way to make some money.
  • 12/2/06 – A phone call from my dad.
  • 1/1/07 – A couple of vacation-related posts – my Christmas trip to NYC “by the numbers”, and an account of my New Year’s Eve trying to get into Times Square.
  • 1/1/07 – A bunch of lists summing up 2006 – movies seen, favorite posts of my own and others, how I did on last year’s resolutions and what my new resolutions will be.
  • 1/19/07 – A oath of fealty to Jessica Biel’s shiny metal ass.
  • 2/7/07 – Describing several strange dreams I’d had lately and discussing Lucid Dreaming.
  • 2/7/07 – Bank of Amerca’s “Shop Safe” program and how it’s more about marketing than about actually combating identity theft.
  • 2/7/07 – A discussion on Steve Job’s controversial editorial “Thoughts on Music”.
  • 2/15/07 – Talking about watching the original “Star Wars” with Kevin, and being amazed at how much I know and remember about that movie.

There. That’s all my draft posts. Now I’m caught up!

…oh, fine, some of those I might actually get around to finishing and posting.