Move completed

If you’re reading this you’ll know my site is back up and running.

The server move is done. I have many things still to do but for now, you can read new posts here and nearly everything should work the way you expect.

I’m no longer served on dante. All hail Eggers! (Yes, all my computers are named after favorite authors. I’ve had Gibson, Dick, Sterling (my current laptop), Eggers, and Lethem, at least since starting this naming convention.)

Oh… The Contact Me form is broken. If you need to email me, post a comment in this thread with some way to get a hold of you (I’ll understand if you have to be cryptic to prevent spammers from getting it) and I’ll reply if necessary.

Some of the exciting changes you can look forward to (just thinking off the top of my head here):

  • Moving my picture galleries to Flickr;
  • A freshening-up of the overall design;
  • The Contact Me form working;
  • Adding tags and a tag cloud;
  • A better About Me page;
  • A page to describe Eggers;
  • …and, I don’t know… stuff. Cool stuff.

Anyway, welcome back.