Pints to Pasta 10K results

I’m too tired to write a full report on the Pints to Pasta 10K this morning. Sorry.

It was warm, it was pretty fast, and I ran 9:30-9:50 per mile… up until the final mile-point-two, which was almost 13 minutes, I think. I don’t know. I pooped out.

But the final results are posted, and my official time is 1:00:51, for an average 9:48 pace. Good but not great. Well, it’s great if you consider all the training I haven’t done this summer.

I pretty much kept pace with a brunette girl for the whole way. I found her after the race and thanked her for setting my nearly-perfect pace, right up until the end.

I want to race a 10K again soon because I know I can do better.