More than a feeling?

So, you believe in God because you “just feel” it to be true, no matter what?

Why not apply that same standard to the rest of your life?

Be the cop who “just feels” someone to be guilty, no matter what! (I guess it won’t matter if you plant the evidence because, hey, they’re guilty!)

Be the doctor who “just feels” someone to be healthy, no matter what! (Or ill, for that matter…)

Be the spouse who thinks their significant other is perfectly moral… no matter what. (Hope you enjoy being a cuckold.)

Be the parent who thinks their children are perfect and responsible. (We all know how the preacher’s kids turn out, don’t we?)

Be the employee who thinks their bosses are correct, no matter what (you’ll have a place in the Bush administration…)

And it’s not a coincidence that all these examples are about people believing things about other people. Who do you think benefits from your “no matter what” feeling about God? That’s right – other people.

Wake up!