Did you see..?

Sorry for the late-afternoon edition. Been out running around ‘n’ stuff.

  • These are perfect pearls of story.
  • I’ve got an interest (obsession?) with the Moon. These high-def pictures of the Earth from the Moon, from a Japanese moon probe, are amazing, and are now part of my wallpaper rotation. (Via Boing Boing)
  • Yes, please. Please shorten your voice mail greeting as much as possible. Anymore, I don’t even leave a message. I figure that anyone I’m calling will have Caller ID, see that I called, and will call me back if they want to know why I called in the first place.
  • Who knew memory was so widely variable and unreliable? Try to tell that to anyone, though. Our brains trick us into feeling/thinking things for which we have no basis. I could tell ya stories…
  • A “Ghostbusters” sequel that includes all the original cast members and is written by Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis? Wait, it’s gonna be a videogame? Oh, pleasedon’t suck! I want this to be good. Even if I have to buy a freakin’ XBox to see it.
  • Is it just me, or do Hayden Pepperspray and Kristin Bell look terrified beyond belief?
  • Wow, Multnomah County managers making financial decisions based on personal relationships (allegedly)? That’s… that’s just nuts. Oh, sidenote: I need to ask my bosses about all that CA-supplied ITIL training they’ve been taking for the past year or so.
  • Somehow, somewhere, someone will make the argument that this proves God exists. Sure. Have it both ways! Why not?
  • Speaking of creationism, John Scalzi toured the Creation Museum and was unimpressed. It was a scathingly funny read to me. And then it made me sad because there’s folks out there who buy into this. People I love. But, I’m heartened by the knowledge that there’s a difference between Christians and Creationists; one doesn’t have to mean the other.

    “Will these folks find the arguments they find at the Creation Museum convincing? Again, you got me. I certainly hope not, but more to the point I would hope that these folks don’t come away feeling that their love of Christ obliges them to swallow heaping mounds of horseshit from people who are phobic about metaphor. I really don’t think Jesus would care if you think that you and a monkey have a common ancestor; I think he would care more that you think you and your neighbor have a common weal.”

    And many folks chime in on the comments to echo the sentiments. Yes, please. More like this.

  • Lastly, via the kids at the Mercury, this slow-starting but entertaining Duran Duran video that answers the question of what happened to all those Girls on Film, anyway?