iPods for sale

Here’s an interesting Craigslist ad that may or may not have anything to do with me.

Post Xmas iPod sale – 30GB & Nano

Reply to: sale-529397656@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-01-05, 11:34AM PST

Didn’t get the iPod you wanted for Xmas? Santa brought me an iPhone so now I have two extraneous iPods – take advavantage of my misfortune! Or fortune. Or…

Anyway, I have a 30GB, 5th Generation iPod, in white. It’s been in a case almost its entire life and looks brand-new! Includes earbuds, USB-to-Dock connector cable. I’ll toss in a Griffin iTrip FM transmitter (the slim model with the LCD screen) and the clear hard case. I’ve got a few other accessories for it – ask me and if I’ve got it, I’ll toss it in! I’m asking $225.

I also have a 4GB 1st Generation iPod nano, in black. I used it for running. Earbuds and USB-to-Dock connector cable included. I have the original Nike sport armband which I’ll be happy to include, as well (don’t worry, I’ll wash it before you get it). I’m asking $120 for this.

I also have an Apple Universal Dock, with adapters for both of the above iPods (and several others). It provides easy docking and line-out and S-video out, and infrared control. Includes a USB-to-Dock connector cable and an Apple Remote. Add this item to either of the above for only an additional $15… or buy both iPods and get the Universal Dock for free!

Hurry now… quantities limited!

Location: Sellwood