“No Country for Old Men”

Kevin called me as my work day unwound. We talked about all sorts of stuff and decided we’d have to get together next week to hang out and do fun, unplanned things. He talked about “Lost”, which he and his wife are now watching, starting from the first season, and working their way up. I mostly listened, and I tried very hard not to give anything away.

We also talked about movies. I mentioned seeing “Michael Clayton” and he talked about seeing “No Country for Old Men”. He kept talking about the ending, without giving anything away, but said that it ended rather abruptly.

After I left work, I had to go downtown to pick up some stuff before going home. And I decided on a whim, to go see a movie. And of course, I saw “No Country for Old Men”.

I liked it. The dialogue is poetic and stylized but entertaining. The character of Anton Chigurh is… well, he’s evil. Unstoppable, relentless. I have a theory about the ending. I can’t wait to share it with Kevin.

But I have to say that of the three Best Pictures that I’ve seen, I liked “Michael Clayton” best.