Here’s to dad

I’ll blog about the party and World Naked Bike Ride later.

First, though: here’s to dad.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Would you believe this is the only picture in my collection of my dad? I apologize for the grain and general poor quality of it; this was cropped out of a larger picture of other family members, who may kill me if I post them on the internet.

Dad may kill me, too, but hey, it’s Father’s Day.

The picture was taken on Christmas Day, 2003, in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, in our hotel room. We were all on a family vacation. Dad’s doing what he always does; taking lots of pictures.

Hey, maybe him being behind the camera is why I don’t have many pictures of him?

I’m off to a barbecue at my sister’s house; her husband grills up a mean steak. Maybe I’ll try to sneak in some more shots of dad.