Rules of food

Is it breaking a rule to put bacon on a Veggie burger? I do it every time I eat a Veggie burger, but every time it just feels… wrong… like I should be watching out for attacks from vegetarians or something.

Speaking of bacon, how about the maple bar bacon wrapped hot dog:

You take one maple bar donut, split it like a hot dog bun, and add a bacon-wrapped hot dog. The guy who took the photo claims that he topped it with “creme fraiche whisked with a dribble of bacon grease.” That’s taking junk food to a different level. We’re talking Paula Deen-style cooking.

On a personal note, I’m fairly certain that I’m going to wake up any second now and completely forget that this dish could exist.

That’s from Spanno at the Al Dente blog (h/t Cheryl Jones).