Narrative dreams

Does anyone else have dreams with narrative structure, incorporating mythic or religious symbolism and mult-layered storytelling techniques?

Like, do you ever dream that you’re living with your friends in a pre-post-apocalyptic city, when suddenly Kali, Hindu goddess of death appears, hundreds of feet tall, and before she unveils her face, delivers a message of doom for yourself and six other friends.

Oh, and you notice that there are several other Hindu gods watching, and you and your six friends are going to be new incarnations of those deities, after the destruction.

But your closest friend isn’t part of the seven, and everyone else is doomed to die, or something. Something bad.

And you get attacked by people who don’t know that you’re to incarnate a new deity, attacked because of something written on your t-shirt, and get to use your new-found divine powers to deflect the attack without harming them.

Anyone else have dreams like that?

Yeah… me, either.