The Three R’s

Lately, I’ve taken to going back into my draft posts – the ones where I started a post then decided to save it for later. Sometimes I don’t have the time to fully develop an idea, and sometimes I start it and, for whatever reason, lose the creative energy to continue, or lose my train of thought.

I have 60 of them.

In an effort to always have something posted here, I have been looking for unfinished posts, and then, y’know, finishing them, and scheduling them out ahead.

But there are some posts where now, months later, I have no idea where the post was going to go, what I was trying to say.

But there’s still some value in them, I think. Maybe if I contemplate it, I can fill in the blanks. Maybe not. But at least it might be interesting.

Presented below is one such post. I originally started it on 17 April 2007. The parts in square brackets are where I was leaving myself an idea of what to write, a space I could fill in later with more details.

I don’t remember what was going to go in the last one – the one about Sunday school – except the vague outlines of my memory of first contact with organized religion. I don’t remember how it fit into the rest of the post.

I’ve given this post a tag of “draft”, so that I can do this again in the future and collect ’em all in one place.

Feel like helping? Post a comment to share your thoughts on the theme I was aiming for. Help me do some archaeology into my own mind…

I was complimented recently on my writing. She told me it was warm, and friendly, and that she could just imagine me right there in the room with her.

[Story about having a typewriter when I was in Kindergarten]

Not sure if those stories were gibberish or actual stories – but there’s evidence that they may have been readable, at least.

[Story about mom watching me and my sister looking at the Sunday funnies on the living room floor – and mom realized I was actually reading them to my older sister. According to the family mythology, I was three years old.]

Post title mentions the three R’s and between ‘riting and reading that’s only two. You may think that the third R is ‘rithmetic, but I had in mind my first encounter with Religion…

[Story about bible school]