Hire Me

I’m familiar with almost any device. Desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet. Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android.

Make your internet work smoothly and securely. Get your game box talking to your computer. Help you use your phone to control your music collection.

I offer a flat rate for solving your issue, not a per-hour charge.

And I answer questions via phone or email for free for established customers.

I charge a flat fee based on how complex or involved your question or issue is. To give you an idea, here are some problems and their associated prices:

  • “I think I have a virus!” – It’s almost never an actual virus, but your computer probably is running a bunch of background programs that you don’t realize are there, or it just needs some cleaning and deleting of unwanted files. US$25.00
  • “I can’t find my files!” – They’re probably there, somewhere, and if not, maybe I can help you avoid this problem in the future, by showing you a bit about how the computer works, and how to make sure you’ve got a backup. US$50.00
  • “My computer won’t even start up!” – This may be one of many things but involves a bit more detective work to figure out. Could be simple or could be difficult, but nearly always requires you to have your original installation disks; if not, there will be an additional charge for a new copy of the operating system. US$75.00
  • “I’ve had this computer for a long time and I want something better.” – Are you ready to upgrade? Would it be worth it to just add new parts to your current computer, or are you ready for a whole new machine? Either way, I can help you sort through your options! US$75.00 + hardware costs.

Not sure what you need? Feel free to ask!
Brian A. Moon
phone: 503-473-6074 voice or text

CompTIA A+ (6/30/06) and Network+ (2/23/01) certified