Insomnia cured

I’ve discovered a secret cure for chronic insomnia. It consists of the following ingredients:

• A marathon hours-long phone conversation lasting into the wee hours of the morning with your ex-girlfriend the previous night, detailing exactly what went wrong and how it all fell apart, and what you’ve both been doing in the intervening months.

• Add in a strenuous, 5+ mile run the following morning.

• Stir in a job that requires no mental stimulation whatsoever, and next to no physical activity for 9+ hours.

• Don’t forget to include (exclude?) very little caloric intake during the day. Best if it’s just one medium-sized meal.

• Top it all off with a longer-than-normal commute home (bonus points if it’s public transportation; the rocking movement and noisy acoustics of a bus help greatly).

…so… good night.

Don’t be confused by this post

OK, turns out that archiving is working just fine. My main page will always show 7 days worth of posts. And even though my posts are spread out over the past couple of months, they’re still only posts from seven (non-consecutive) days.

Confused? Don’t be. It’s not that important for now.


Archives are now working. Well, again, sort of. I’m still trying to figure out how to drop posts off the main page after they’ve been archived. I’m sure there’s a way to do it; I’ll figure it out. I just tend to work on projects a little at a time, rather than intensely focusing for hours (days?) on end until it’s done. I just work better that way.

See? Now you’ve learned something about me.

That reminds me; I’m going to add an “about me” page, just because. The link will show up on the left-hand side, along with all the other links.


They moved Heaven!

Heaven is a coffee shop with a lot of memories for me (good and bad). It used to be located on SW 10th, between Stark and Washington streets. They’re moving into a new location at SW 12th and Jefferson — right across the street from the Jefferson Theater (a porno house). The owner says it’s a better location for them, closer to their customer base (near PSU). It’s about three times as big.

They’re still setting up, in fact. I’m sitting in chaos; people are painting, building, eating pizza (important part of setting up a business). They’re going to have a stage area, and a lounge with a pool table, and more of a deli to serve food… it’s going to be great. Michael, the owner, told me he almost shut down because of the old location. They were breaking even, mostly, and not bringing in new customers. He hopes they’ll get more walk-in traffic here.

I wish them luck. Maybe they’ll leave behind my bad memories and I’ll only have the good ones left.


The rest of the site now matches this style.

Well, mostly.

I know… the Links page is difficult to read! I’m working on it! Hang in there.

Also, I’m not sure I want the Gallery page to match. Having to download the thumbnails and the background image might make the page load too slowly. I’ll work something out, eventually.

Update: 4 May 2009: This refers to an old style sheet. – BAM

Weigh-in Day

Just got back from the gym. Today was my weigh-in day. And this weeks’ tally:

I lost another 3 lbs! Whoo-HOO!

• Total weight loss since starting the Atkins diet and exercise routine: 24 lbs.
• Current weight: 201 lbs.
• Body-to-mass index (BMI): 32.0 (29.9 is considered the high end of “Normal”)

Go, me!


I haven’t posted here in months. My bad. I could keep on posting stuff I’d written previously, but the main purpose of me having a blog is to encourage me to write.

So I’ll write tonight.

Spent last night (and most of the morning) at my friend Caleb’s place. It was, technically, a LAN party, but I was attending with the ulterior motive of just spending time with my friends. Jake was there, too. Of course. I don’t often feel that way, but sometimes it’s good to just hang around them. And with both Caleb and Jake being in school, opportunities like this won’t happen very often.

I discovered something about myself last night, too. Caleb was only trying to be a good host, and look after my comfort and needs… but it made me feel very uncomfortable. I reacted with irritation towards him (and Becky, his girlfriend). Caleb seemed hurt — and why wouldn’t he be? I didn’t offer an explanation because I didn’t realize it at the time. But in retrospect I was able to dredge it up from the depths of my subconscious.

I feel uneasy, perhaps because I want to relax in the presence of my friends; I’d rather that my friends and I were equals. Or maybe it’s the feeling that I want to be self-sufficient, that I can take care of myself.

Speaking of which, I just took a phone call from my dad. His birthday is tomorrow, and he’s invited me out to dinner. He is insisting on paying. Which triggered this same sense I am speaking of. I told him, flatly, that I will go, but I am paying, and he seemed taken aback by that. He couldn’t fathom it.

I don’t want to be bought. Grrr. Why is my response to family and friends spending money or time or effort on me to become stubborn and angry? This is not, apparently, a universal reaction. But it’s a very real one to me. It’s cause for meditation.